Who we are

Holos Integrated Wealth is an independent financial services firm located in Suburban Philadelphia. Servicing clients locally and across the country, our advisors work cohesively as a team to practice comprehensive, wealth management.  We are fiduciaries that act in your best interest, period.  Our advisors spend time listening and asking questions in tailoring your financial plan to your personal goals-not dictated by a large company.  Our team has various backgrounds in finance with lengthy experience working with complex financial situations and explaining to our clients in real world terminology, not jargon.  We use a team approach to make sure we deliver a comprehensive client experience with “best in class” technology.

Our story

After 20 years of working at some of the biggest firms on Wall Street, we found there were some inherent conflicts of interest that we felt were not in the best interest of our clients.  The large firms were more interested in their profit and little transparency versus us fighting for our clients to experience a situation where we are all rowing in the same direction. Our desire to create a holistic firm that could take care of our clients through financial planning and investment led us to create Holos Integrated Wealth.  We now have a completely independent choice in investment products and “best in class” technology for our clients to experience. We are a firm that has the resources to handle the most complex with a Customer Service package that chooses to have deep relationships with our clients.